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Distracted Driving Information

As a parent of a teen that was killed in a distracted driving crash I can not stress enough the importance of helping your teen to become a good driver.  Practice is key.  Please check out some of the resources I have listed at the bottom of the page that will help you with the most important thing your teen will do.  Get a driver's license.

Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for our youth.  New drivers are 3x more likely to be in a crash just because they are a new driver.  Add the distraction of a cell phone and their risk increases drastically.

Using a cell phone and driving is having a reaction time equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of .08.  Legally Drunk.

The average time to send a text is 5 seconds.  At 55 miles per hour it is like driving the length of a football field blindly.

Using a cell phone while driving, you are 4x more likely to be involved in an automobile crash.

Texting while driving.  You are 23x more likely to be involved in an automobile crash.

Kelsey's Law
Kelsey's Law is for Level 1 and Level 2 drivers.  Cell phone use of any kind is prohibit.  It is a primary offense, meaning law enforcement can pull you over if you are seen using a cell phone.   You may be fined anywhere from $100 - $200 and may have your probationary period extended.

Drive It Home is a great web site for parents to learn about the dangers of distracted driving and about the Michigan GDL. 


Teenage Driving Risks From Warner Law Offices

Parents can receive a checklist pamphlet to help them with teaching their teen the steps to driving.  Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing Parent Checklist 

NRSF has tons of resources for you to get.  Check them out. 

Kelsey's Scholarship


Michigan Auto Law approached Kelsey's mom on giving out an annual scholarship in Kelsey's name to high school students throughout Michigan. We are now on our 2nd annual scholarship.  Any high school junior or senior can apply.

Applicants are asked to submit a persuasive message that shows how you would convince young drivers to reduce distractions while driving.

Apply on line soon.  Deadline is March 31, 2023. 

Apply Here 

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